These three scientists shared the Nobel Prize for their fast molecule-linking work in click chemistry in 2022.

The honorees are K. Barry Sharpless from Scripps Research Institute, Morten Meldal from the University of Copenhagen, and Carolyn Bertozzi from Stanford University.

A functional branch of chemistry known as "click chemistry," in which molecular building pieces fit together rapidly and precisely,

was established by Sharpless and Meldal. Bertozzi has elevated click chemistry to a new level and begun applying it to living things.

 The theme of this year's Chemistry Prize is working with what is straightforward and uncomplicated rather than overcomplicating things.

Even by following a simple path, functional molecules can be created, according to Johan Qvist, Chair of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry.

In order to manage the interactions between the cells, Bertozzi investigates how to reengineer cell surfaces.

Her approach ultimately may enable researchers to, for instance, target cancer cells for detection and therapy or find harmful bacteria in bodily fluid samples.