According to early data from the U.S. Geological Survey, an earthquake with a centre  about 9 miles

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east/southeast of Lacomb struck east Linn County just before 6 a.m. today, Friday, Oct. 7. Read more on next page

The USGS estimated the earthquake's magnitude to be 4.4 and its depth to be 8.87 miles. Following the tremor, homeowners called the police "several times," according to Sweet Home Police.

(KOIN) PORTLAND, OR — Authorities say an earthquake rocked near Lacomb in Linn County early on Friday morning. Several individuals reported feeling it.

Just after 5:50 a.m. on Friday, the U.S. Geological Survey noted an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4. At a depth of 14.3 kilometres, it was noted.

From Albany to the Portland metro region, Oregon residents have reported the tremor to USGS. Even some residents in Washington reported they experienced it.

The USGS stated on Twitter that the earthquake was registered slightly below the cutoff point that triggers text message notifications for people who have chosen to receive ShakeAlerts.

Although there have been notable ones, the Granite State's earthquakes are mainly small. A 4.0-magnitude earthquake with its epicentre in southern Maine shook New Hampshire in 2012 

Portland, Oregon - The U.S. Geological Survey, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck close to Sweet Home, Oregon, just before 6 am on Friday. At 5:52 am, the earthquake was officially reported.