At a European launch ceremony held in Berlin on October 7, Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO announced its ET7, EL7, and ET5 models for sale in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden.

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In all four nations, the NIO ET7, a high-performance flagship sedan, is now available for purchase. Deliveries are scheduled to begin on October 16.

The medium-sized smart electric car ET5 and the medium-sized smart e-SUV EL7 are both currently accepting pre-orders from customers, with delivery beginning in January and March 2023, respectively.

Due to a trademark dispute between NIO and German automotive behemoth Audi, the "ES7" model that was introduced in China has been rebranded as the "EL7."

The S6 and S8 vehicles from Audi are the subject of the case, as is NIO's choice to call its two versions the ES6 and ES8. NIO said in response to the situation

"We used a methodical approach while deciding on the names of our automobiles. We started requesting worldwide registration in 2016

Regrettably, Audi has challenged the ES8 and ES6 model’s names and launched a lawsuit in Germany in this year

In order to prevent harming users' rights, we have chosen to adopt the new name—EL7—in Europe for the time being.

The computer platform, operating system, intelligent vehicle hardware, intelligent algorithms, and apps make up this full-stack technology.

Aquila, NIO's super-sensing system with LiDAR, ADAM, and NIO's supercomputer platform with a computational capability of up to 1,016T, among other intelligent gear, will enable this.

eventually be able to provide cutting-edge safety support and autonomous driving in conditions including high-speed roads, cities, parking lots, and charging settings.

The world's first on-board artificial intelligence assistant, NOMI, is also a standard feature of the three models. It powers the NIO PanoCinema panoramic digital cockpit.

The inside is a totally immersive environment thanks to the Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 Sound System, 256 ambient light colours, a 12.8′′ AMOLED central control panel, and high-performance AR and VR features.

To promote the adoption of EVs, three new vehicles developed from its NIO NT2 platform will be made available alongside cutting-edge subscription models.

In order to enter new markets, NIO is dedicated to creating a complete battery charging solution. The company currently has access to 380,000 charging stations across Europe that accept NIO NFC cards.

For consumers in Europe, NIO will keep providing a direct-to-consumer option. Now that the NIO House in Berlin is about to open, the company is constructing comparable venues.

NIO will aim to create community user groups in conjunction with its development in Europe, such as the user advisory board (UAB) in Norway, which already has 270 members.