The US is undoubtedly one of the nations that is most accepting of cryptocurrencies. It has the most Bitcoin and Ethereum nodes, ranking first, and regulators are particularly interested in the topic.

In those papers, the Office of Science and Technology stated that it is the role of the government to "defend" people from the harmful effects of cryptocurrency-related pollution and climate change.

Some of the biggest asset managers have entered the digital asset field as a result of the crypto market collapse, including MassMutual and BlackRock.

The Office for Financial Research of the Treasury Department published a working paper that examined the potential effects of a central bank (CBDC) on the stability of the larger financial system.

To prevent and stop the exploitation of these tech, we must collaborate with departments and agencies of the government as digital assets become more important to our global financial system.

The White House recently released a fact sheet outlining a regulatory framework for digital assets to protect consumers by "issuing guidance, increasing enforcement resources

and aggressively pursuing fraudulent actors." This was done in accordance with Biden's Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.